bbtombo zone

hey my name’s james, i’m a multimedia artist based in the seattle area.

here’s some stuff that i do:

music + sound effects

- for games
- for film
- general music production / mixing

paint / drawing
(digital and physical)

thanks for checking out the site! the right side of this page is stuff i’ve worked on over the last couple years.

here’s a list of tools that i use - Ableton, FMOD, Photoshop / Illustrator, and i’ve got some experience with Reaper, Sibelius, and Audacity.

if you like what i’m doin, it would mean a ton if you gave me $1 a month on my patreon. i post a lot of behind the scenes / unreleased stuff for my music and art. thank you!

here's my email, feel free to message me about music, work, or anything else

bbtombotunes [at] gmail [dot] com

bbtombo zone


blu adventure ep
a concept album about a magic zone called the COLOREALM. i recorded, produced, and mixed this album. first of the three "adventure eps"

BS:AZ vol. i (2020)

this is a 30-page PDF of art and words that i made as a companion piece to blu adventure ep. it has an interview with a multimedia artist from Baltimore named Kotic Couture, as well as links to unreleased music


In The Crags (TBA)
an adventure game by Aaron Tacker-Wyss that i’m making music and sound effects for. it’s a spiritual game that lets u explore a strange version of Earth called Arka. it’s punk and polished at the same time.

bb tombo (game audio) crags tunes

tinybot (2020)
a jam game i helped make for godot wild jam 21 (music + sfx), art + code by Andie Nare. you play as a dusty robot trying to leave a factory

the devil (2020)
a game made with a team of 6 for Haunted PS1’s Summer of Screams - inspired by silent hill / resident evil / siren. i made music + sfx, as well as generally being an idea person while making it. made in the span of two months.

bb tombo (game audio) "The Devil" OST

QT (2020)
3 short games, freeform puzzle / exploration zones, made by Happy Snake Games. i made interactive music for “museum” and “kouen” - it’s easier to hear it in game than show it on my site. if you’d like a free copy of the game hit my email i have some extras

Last Arc of the Raiders (2019)
made for World Mytholojam with Dja Redona. a very short game meant to be expanded upon in the future, on hiatus. i’ve always wanted to make the sound for a moody RPG / adventure game, and i’d love to do more stuff like this eventually.